Innovation Is The Key To Success
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Innovation Is The Key To Success

A Year Gone By

2019 was a year of challenges in many ways for everyone at OCS, resulting in a great learning experience which will help us in future. The company had many achievements in the year 2019:

  • OCS has crossed 2.4 Million hours during 2019 with Zero LTI, winning HSE awards by Shell & TCL, being a well-deserved recognition to our safety commitments.
  • TRACE renewals successfully done in India & Singapore.
  • OCS established its offices in Nigeria with local JV partner, and operation started in Brazil with the first order from BWO.
  • We were awarded 5 years contract for O&M services of the Panna-Mukta Asset including hospitality services (Remotel).
  • ONGC award of Sagar Ratna is another milestone for TCM to win confidence of a key client.
  • Client retention ratio improved from 82% to 89%.
  • OCS team is striving its best to excel in the chosen areas of business. For all these and many other achievements − big and small, appreciations to the entire OCS team!


Road Ahead

2020 is expected to be a year full of opportunities with over 30% of business targeted from new customers and geographies which is going to be a game changer. OCS will have opportunities to unfold many business dynamics to establish a firm foothold in chosen new markets. As we step outside from the familiar environments where we have been operating in the past, challenges on new turf will become more critical.

The confidence reposed on OCS abilities can be vouched through encouraging recent communication from our beloved promoter, to quote:

“When OCS team believes and persists in what can be achieved, then actions follow, and the desired results are obtained”

Business Innovation is going to be a key driver from the year 2020. Team at OCS will be nurtured with the ability to think differently and not be constrained by capabilities or resources around them. Main aim would be Value Creation, Sustenance, and Enhancement to our esteemed clients to achieve highest level of customer satisfaction in our service offering. Digitization initiatives is taking the front-end using technology as enabler to facilitate effective site management through UnitXPro for better crew management, and i-care where creation of Knowledge Library will be an entrusted data room with trusted archival & retrieval capabilities.

Plans are in process for setting up a talent factory providing ready access to desired role, skill sets and geographies, and rolling out a centralized bid factory to enhance our capability to participate in high value global tenders. Aim is to meet quality and timely expectations to support the business on a sustainable growth trajectory.

“Right market, right clients, right price with right terms” shall be the focus for all of us in 2020 and OCS will continue to meet or exceed the client’s expectations. In all this, Finance & Accounts, and Business Support Services (BSS) as a team, shall be playing a proactive supportive role to all business verticals of every business geography where OCS currently is and expected to operate.

To conclude, each one of us should count on opportunities for personal growth setting optimistic outlook for a win-win solution across the spectrum of OCS value chain.


Natarajan Rajaraman, CFO, OCS Services Pvt Ltd


Natarajan Rajaraman
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
OCS Services