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We Provide The Highest Standards of Service To Our Clients

OCS delivers effective QHSSE management with the highest standards of service to its clients, combined with safe and efficient standards of operation that comply with the international standards, relevant guidelines and regulations. The two keywords for QHSSE:

  • Efficiency – Doing the right things
  • Effectiveness – Doing things right

Our QHSSE solutions focus on improving the management and mitigation of risks relating to quality, health, safety and the environment, preventing any injury or ill health to employees. This is achieved through the provision of comprehensive rules and guidelines based on a series of well-defined strategic objectives.


QHSSE & Asset Integrity

  • QHSSE Management

    Risk Management
    Health Prevention & Progression
    Environment Management
    Consultation & Monitoring
    Incident Reporting & Investigation
    Control of Simultaneous Operations

  • Safe Operations

    Adequate & Competent Personnel
    Accountability Framework
    Systems & Procedures
    Permit to Work Control
    Emergency Preparedness & Response
    Client Engagement

  • Technical Integrity

    Safety Case
    Critical Tasks
    Inspections & Maintenance
    Change Management
    Operating Envelope
    Audit & Assurance

To learn more about OCS’s procedure for establishing objectives and management programme, get in touch.

Integrated Management

Our QHSSE processes are built on:

  • Legal and other requirement
  • Process performance issues
  • Environmental issues
  • Management review meetings
  • Significant Aspect Register – SAR
  • Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment Control (HIRAC)
  • Significant risk action plan

The procedure is consistent with our commitment to the improvement of operational performance and the prevention of pollution and associated hazards.

OCS Services QHSSE

Management System & Objectives

  1. To maintain zero Injury at all work sites.
  2. Zero tolerance for drug and alcohol abuse.
  3. To provide qualified and competent crew
  4. To follow international safe recommended practices in operations
  5. Have a thorough understanding of the requirements of health, safety and environment as facilitated by our company
  6. To work in a disciplined and professional manner
  7. To provide a healthy and safe working environment
  8. To develop of a permanent cadre of qualified, trained and motivated personnel
  9. To support moral, social and economic values to our people for maintaining and promoting health and safety
  10. To reduce the risk acceptance to as low as reasonably practicable
  11. To improve HSE skills and performance
OCS QHSSE Management System

QHSSE Policies

Drug Alcohol & Substance Abuse Policy

No Smoking Policy

QHSSE Policy

Stop Work Policy

Road Transport Safety Policy

Sustainability Policies

Biodiversity Policy