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Achieve More In Less Time

Few months back I was reading a survey report on Individual and Organisation Productivity. The survey finding was quite astonishing.

The survey revealed that a majority i.e almost 70% of the people surveyed felt they are busy or very busy, however at end of the week they were able to complete only 30 to 50% of the work that they had planned. This leads towards pile up of work and long hours required to clear the backlog thus impacting professional and personal life.

Lower productivity not only impacts the individual but also impacts the organisation because of delays and unfulfilled commitment to customers. We as an organisation have embarked on exponential growth journey and this requires contribution from every individual. Unless and until we are not performing at our ultra-best we will not able to climb the mountain of success and experience the thrill of reaching the summit.

Irrespective of your profession or level, you can make your each day productive and fulfilling. It requires some planning and discipline to follow 5 simple steps and you are done!

1. Know and make use of your ‘Prime Time’. Find out the time of the day when you are most productive. Reserve your most challenging tasks during this time to accomplish.

2. Limit your To-Do list. Do not over-crowd your To-Do list and slog to accomplish all in the time available. Use 80/20 rule and focus your time on 20% of task which can help you achieve 80% of productivity.

3. Take regular breaks. Working continuously at a stretch drastically reduces your efficiency – physically as well as mentally. Take a break of a simple walk, a small bite, or meditation. It will help you to recharge yourself and get back to work with greater efficiency.

4. Develop your own system. Identify things that are ruining your daily productivity and create a system to manage them. Otherwise, you will never be able to concentrate on accomplishing more important goals at any time. For example – check emails at scheduled time instead of doing it throughout the day.

5. Be tough with yourself. Being assertive is a skill required for all effective people, but the assertiveness starts with “self”. Stick to what you decide and don’t permit yourself to take it easy or procrastinate.

Adoption of these simple methods can enhance your productivity by 50% or more if followed religiously for a month. The end result of a highly productive workday will not only be just exciting, but it would also be highly satisfying.


Deepak Dongre

Deepak Dongre
Former General Manager (HR)