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In the ever-evolving landscape of the energy industry, optimizing existing facilities is as crucial as developing new ones. Brownfield management, a specialty at OCS, involves the strategic enhancement and modification of operational assets to improve efficiency and extend their lifespan.

Key offerings

Field test and success-based trial runs

Our approach to brownfield management begins with comprehensive field tests and success-based trial runs. These trials allow us to identify optimization opportunities and fine-tune processes for maximum efficiency.

Engineering support

OCS Services provides robust engineering support throughout the brownfield management process. Our team of experts ensures that modifications are not only effective but also aligned with industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Fabrication & installation

Implementation is a critical phase in brownfield management. OCS Services excels in the fabrication and installation of optimized systems, seamlessly integrating modifications into existing operational frameworks.

Project planning

Brownfield projects require meticulous planning. OCS Services employs a structured project planning approach, ensuring that timelines are met, and modifications are implemented with minimal disruption to ongoing operations.

OCS Services has a track record of successfully optimizing operational assets through brownfield management, ensuring increased efficiency and prolonged asset life. Choose OCS Services for brownfield management that goes beyond mere modification; choose a partner that brings innovation, efficiency, and reliability to your operational assets.

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