Streamlining change for operational continuity

Navigating through transitions is a delicate yet crucial phase for any business, especially in the dynamic energy industry. At OCS, we bring extensive expertise in managing FPSO transitions, backed by the experience of successfully handling four FPSO transitions for BW Offshore.

Key highlights

SOPs and SMPs

Our well-defined Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Standard Maintenance Procedures (SMPs) form the backbone of our transition management approach. These guidelines ensure a systematic and structured transition process.

Vendor management

Effective vendor management is crucial during transitions. OCS Services excels in coordinating with vendors, ensuring seamless collaboration for a smooth transition.

Master data management

Transitioning into a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is a critical step. OCS Services employs robust master data management strategies, ensuring accurate and efficient data migration into systems like IFS.

Streamlined manning services

During critical asset transitions, OCS Services provides efficient manning services. This includes crew management during mobilization, demobilization, and stacked mode operations. Our skilled crew deployment maintains essential functions, minimizing costs and resources.

Our transition management services aren’t just about managing change; they are about ensuring operational continuity and minimizing disruptions. By choosing OCS Services, you opt for a partner with a proven track record, clear protocols, and the capability to seamlessly integrate transitions into your operational framework.

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