Integrated Crew
Management (TICM)

Navigating excellence in crew operations

At OCS, our Comprehensive Manning and Crew Management Services redefine excellence in crew operations, prioritizing your success, crew welfare, and efficient operations.

Key features

Induction: a strategic start

OCS Services conducts thorough crew searches and meticulous recruitment, including interviews, checks, and documentation for fully prepared crew members.

Administration: smooth and efficient

We streamline payroll for prompt payments and tax compliance. Our dedicated coordinator manages 24/7 travel arrangements, ensuring comprehensive insurance coverage for workmen's compensation, life, medical, and travel needs.

Training and development benchmarking

We provide structured induction training and collaborations with professional institutes for continuous improvement. We maintain certifications and accreditations, ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements through regular updates and audits.

Effective complaint resolution

OCS Services offers open channels for crew and client feedback, which are documented and promptly addressed. We conduct exit interviews to understand reasons for departure, enabling continuous improvement.

Motivation & retention

We prioritize crew well-being by offering support for family welfare during difficulties or sickness. We provide personal financial planning advice and refer crew members to professionals for guidance when needed.

Efficient manning services for transition

We manage crew seamlessly during Mobilization, Demobilization, and Stacked Mode operations, deploying skilled personnel to maintain essential functions. Our approach minimizes costs and resources for clients, allowing them to focus on necessary tasks for smooth asset transitions.

Predictable budgeting with transparent pricing OCS Services offers a transparent pricing structure designed to provide clients with clarity and predictability in manpower costs. With pre-agreed wages for each position, fixed costs for travel, visas, insurance, PPE, and safety courses, and a flat monthly management fee per person, clients gain better control over their manpower expenses, ensuring no surprises in budget planning.

Units we serve: a diverse portfolio

Drilling Units: Jack Ups, Drill Ships, Semi Submersibles, Platform Rigs, Land Rigs

Production Facilities: Onshore and Offshore.

Support Vessels: Offshore Support Vessels, Geo-Physical Survey Vessels, Crew Boats, Multifunctional Support Vessels (MSVs), Anchor Handling Tugs, Accommodation Barges.

Floating Production Facilities: FPU, FPSO, FDPSO, FSO. Marine Transportation & Cargo Vessels:

VLCC, Aframax Tankers, Bulk Carriers, Ro/Ro Vessels.

Construction Barges & Vessels: Pipe Laying Barge, Heavy Lift Barge, Dive Support Vessel, Fall Pipe Dumping Vessels, Derrick Lay Barges, Well Service Vessels, Pipe Carriers, Well Stimulation Vessels.

Shipyards, FPSO Steelwork: Project Managers, Electricians, Project Engineers, Supervisors, Welders, Blasters and Painters, Riggers, Rope Access, Pipe Fitters.

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