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Navigating your assets with care

We understand the critical importance of safely and efficiently transporting your assets from the yard to the installation site. Our Sailaway/Transit to Site services are designed to provide comprehensive support throughout this crucial journey, ensuring that your assets reach their destination on time and in optimal condition.

Key services

Development of transit plan & marine documentation

Our expert team designs comprehensive transit plans and prepares all necessary marine documentation for the smooth and efficient movement of assets from the yard to the installation site. Our plans account for factors such as weather conditions, route optimization, and regulatory requirements, ensuring a safe and timely transit.

Marine manning

We provide experienced and qualified marine personnel to crew your vessels during the transit phase. Our skilled professionals are trained in maritime operations and safety protocols, guaranteeing the highest standards of navigation and vessel management throughout the journey.

Obtaining approvals & certifications

Our team handles the complex process of obtaining approvals and certifications required for the transit, including permits from relevant authorities and compliance with international maritime regulations. We ensure that all necessary documentation is in place to facilitate a smooth and trouble-free transit.

Management of Class/Flag State

Compliance with Class and Flag State regulations is crucial for the safe and legal operation of vessels. We manage all interactions with Class and Flag State authorities, ensuring that your vessels meet the necessary standards and certifications for transit and installation.

From yard to installation location

We oversee the entire voyage from the yard to the installation location, providing logistical support, navigation guidance, and on-the-ground coordination to ensure a seamless transition. Our team monitors progress closely and intervenes as needed to address any challenges or deviations from the plan.

Supply and management of Construction Personnel:

In the event of carry-over work remaining from the yard scope, we provide skilled construction personnel to supplement your team. Our experienced professionals work efficiently to complete remaining tasks, ensuring that the asset is fully prepared for installation and operation upon arrival at the site.

With our comprehensive Sailaway/Transit to Site services, you can trust OCS Services to manage every aspect of the journey with precision and professionalism. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your transit needs and ensure the successful delivery of your offshore assets to the installation site.

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