Case study: RIL

Operation & Maintenance of FPSO and Operation of Subsea Production Facilities

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) has developed offshore oil & gas fields in the block KG-DWN-98/3, also known as KG-D6, in the Krishna Godavari Basin on the East Coast of India in the Bay of Bengal. The FPSO serves as the main processing hub, catering to various processing requirements such as separation, condensate stabilization, gas compression/ dehydration, produced water treatment, and management of the subsea production system.


Reliance Industries Limited

Service type

Operation & Maintenance of FPSO and Operation of Subsea Production Facilities for MJ Field

Year/Period of Service

22nd September 2023 (3-year contract)

Challenge: During the commissioning phase of the FPSO, challenges arose with rotating equipment, particularly the Process Gas Compression System (PGC). Internal damage occurred to one of the onboard compressors during transit from the yard to the designated location, requiring increased involvement of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) representatives, many of whom were expatriates. The documentation and approval process for getting these personnel onboard led to delays in the project timeline and increased commissioning costs for the client.

Solution Provided by OCS: Recognizing the criticality of the situation, OCS devised an innovative solution to expedite the resolution of the compressor issue and minimize project delays. Collaborating closely with the client and OEM, OCS rediverted personnel onboard with relevant experience to initiate major work on the compressor. Despite the unavailability of OEM specialists onboard, OCS ensured that they were virtually present to monitor and guide the activities through onboard representatives. While the onboard OEM representatives facilitated communication and obtained clearance from the experts remotely, the OCS team executed the necessary tasks efficiently. This approach enabled the completion of the work within 15 days, preventing any project delays attributable to the unavailability of OEM specialists.

Results: By proactively addressing the challenges, OCS successfully mitigated project delays and ensured the timely completion of critical tasks. The collaborative effort between the client, OEM, and OCS team resulted in significant time and cost savings, demonstrating OCS’s commitment to operational excellence and client satisfaction.

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