Repair &
Overhaul (MRO)

Ensuring efficiency, longevity, and safety for offshore assets

Offshore oil & gas assets demand meticulous maintenance and overhauling to ensure optimal performance, longevity, and adherence to class certification standards. OCS Services is a bespokeand comprehensive solution provider for all maintenance, repair, and overhaul requirements in the industry.

Our specialized MRO services

Repairs & overhauling of rotating equipment

To ensure efficiency and longevity.

Piping modification

Specialized services for piping modification, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Structural work

Proficient execution of structural work to maintain integrity of assets.

Cold cutting services

Precision cold cutting services for safe and efficient asset maintenance.

Vibration monitoring

Implementation of vibration monitoring strategies for early detection of issues.

E&I work

Comprehensive electrical and instrumentation work for seamless asset functionality.

Our specialized MRO services ensure the longevity and safety of your offshore assets, providing a seamless one-point solution for all your maintenance, repair, and overhaul needs.

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