Total Corrosion

Prolonging asset life, ensuring operational excellence

Corrosion, an ever-present threat to production facilities, jeopardizes equipment integrity, accelerates asset degradation, and introduces operational delays and safety hazards. As a total integrated solutions provider, OCS Services offers end-to-end corrosion management services for both onshore and offshore facilities.

Our holistic approach

Corrosion audit/inspection

Thorough assessments by our NACE-certified inspectors ensure meticulous evaluations of corrosion risks and potential vulnerabilities.

Scaffolding services

Safe and efficient access solutions through our expert scaffolding services facilitate comprehensive inspections and maintenance tasks.

Rope access services

Cutting-edge rope access services enable us to reach challenging areas, ensuring a thorough inspection and maintenance strategy.

Turnkey solutions (manpower & machines)

Leveraging a combination of skilled manpower and state-of-the-art machinery, we provide turnkey solutions for efficient corrosion management.

Warranty system

Our commitment extends beyond project completion with a warranty system, assuring the longevity and effectiveness of our corrosion management solutions.

OCS Services stands as your trusted partner in the relentless fight against corrosion, ensuring the longevity, safety, and efficiency of your assets. Our commitment to excellence and comprehensive solutions sets us apart in the industry.

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