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With a steadfast commitment to Quality, Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (QHSSE), our O&M business vertical offers a diverse range of features tailored to optimize production facility performance.

Key features

Plant integrity and maintenance

Ensuring the integrity and reliability of production plants through proactive maintenance strategies.

Operational uptime

Maximizing operational uptime by minimizing downtime and optimizing production efficiency.

Inventory management

Efficiently managing inventory to ensure timely availability of critical components and spare parts.

Warehouse management

Streamlining warehouse operations to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

Turnaround management

Planning and executing turnaround activities to minimize disruptions and maximize productivity.

Maintenance Repair & Overhaul

Conducting comprehensive overhauls of equipment to extend lifespan and ensure reliability.

Engineering support

Providing technical expertise and support for efficient operation and maintenance of production facilities.

Facility management

Ensuring smooth facility operations through effective management and coordination of resources.

Procurement support and logistics management

Procuring equipment spares, vendor services, and materials to ensure seamless operations, along with managing transportation logistics.

Leveraging parent companies’ expertise
Our service spectrum is enhanced through leveraging the capabilities, credentials, and learnings of BW Offshore and Planet Energy, our parent organizations. This includes technology development and personnel competency development & assessment frameworks.

Tailored Solutions
We offer integrated operation and maintenance solutions or specific bespoke suites tailored to meet the unique requirements of each customer. With extensive experience managing operations, OCS Services is uniquely positioned to understand and address local requirements across diverse geographies.
Strategic Aim
Our strategic aim is to deliver value to our clients through a customer-focused approach, innovative technology solutions, and a highly experienced management team. We prioritize protecting client reputation by adhering to the highest standards of QHSSE, Asset Integrity, and Operation Management Systems, while also working towards reducing the total cost of ownership for our clients and maximizing value.

Project execution capabilities

Readiness Phase

  • Government clearances
  • Import clearances for vessels, equipment, and materials
  • Custom clearances
  • Crew clearances
  • Customized maintenance management system development
  • Asset integrity philosophy development
  • Infrastructure setup and technical support during the start-up phase

Dedicated Engineering Support

  • Close coordination with OEMs for optimal operating approaches
  • Engineering studies to enhance processing unit performance
  • Adherence to Competency Development & Assurance Framework for personnel development

Logistics Management

  • Timely movement of personnel to offshore platforms
  • Warehouse management and customization
  • Procurement of equipment spares and vendor services

Waste Management

  • Waste segregation and disposal in compliance with standards
  • Safe and timely backload of waste from offshore facilities

Safe Handover Takeover (HOTO) of the Facility

  • Operation and maintenance during the operational phase
  • Adherence to management systems including QHSSE, Asset Integrity, Maintenance, and Inventory
  • Compliance with contractual requirements for product/byproduct quality
  • Purchase and inventory management philosophy development
  • Turnaround planning and execution

Technical Support

  • Onshore and offshore technical support
  • Proposal of design modifications and performance enhancement strategies
  • Development of onshore teams for seamless operations

We are committed to ensuring the seamless operation and maintenance of your production facilities, prioritizing safety, efficiency, and reliability at every step. With our comprehensive solutions and experienced team, you can trust us to optimize your operations and maximize value for your business.

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