Building foundations for operational success

“Pre-services” refer to a set of specialized services offered by OCS Services before the commencement of offshore projects. These services are aimed at laying the groundwork for operational success by addressing crucial aspects such as planning, management system development, pre-commissioning support, and operational readiness. They ensure that the project is well-prepared, compliant with regulations, and equipped to transition smoothly into offshore operations.

Key services

Development of comprehensive systems

OCS specializes in crafting tailored management systems encompassing Operations, Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE), as well as Maintenance Management. These systems are meticulously designed to align with the specific requirements of each offshore project, ensuring regulatory compliance and operational excellence from the outset.

Pre-commissioning support

We offer pre-commissioning support during the critical phase before sailaway. Our experienced personnel provide technical expertise and hands-on assistance to ensure thorough inspection, testing, and preparation of all systems and equipment for offshore deployment. This approach minimizes potential issues and delays, facilitating a smooth transition to offshore operations.

Operational readiness

OCS collaborates closely with clients to assess and enhance operational readiness across all aspects of the project. This includes personnel training, equipment readiness, and procedural compliance. By meticulously addressing these factors, OCS empowers client teams to confidently navigate the challenges of offshore operations, ensuring safety, efficiency, and performance capabilities.

Tailored pre-services expertise

Leveraging their industry experience, OCS provides tailored pre-services expertise to lay a solid foundation for the success of offshore projects. Whether it's strategic planning, regulatory compliance, or procedural optimization, OCS offers comprehensive solutions to maximize the effectiveness of operations and minimize risks associated with offshore ventures.

With our pre-services expertise, you can trust OCS Services to lay a solid foundation for the success of your offshore project. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your pre-service needs and maximize the effectiveness of your operations.

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