Case study:
SHI - India

Buoy Drop Test Optimization for Samsung Heavy Industries – India (SHI-I)

SHI-I is the Indian entity of the EPC company Samsung Heavy Industries Korea.


Samsung Heavy Industries – India (SHI-I)

Service type

Buoy Drop Test (Optimizing Offshore Support Vessel Utilization)

Year/Period of Service

2022 (5 days) – Part of Hook-up and Commissioning (HUC) contract

Challenge: As part of the Hook-up and Commissioning scope of work, performing the Buoy Drop Test was a critical activity. This test involved two phases: a Free Drop test and a Mechanical disconnection of the buoy from the FPSO turret. The primary objective was to ensure the integrity of the disconnection capability of the FPSO from the turret, crucial for emergency scenarios such as cyclones. However, the Offshore Support Vessels (OSVs) required for the project were not available for the entire duration, posing a challenge in executing the test as per the approved procedure and project plan.

Solution Provided by OCS: To address the challenge, OCS proposed an alternative approach. The proposed solution involved conducting the Free Drop Test first, which could be witnessed by Class representatives, followed by the mechanical disconnection work at a later time. This approach ensured that the activity requiring OSVs would be performed earlier, reducing the duration of OSV engagement and minimizing project delays. OCS took the initiative to alter the procedure and submitted it for approval from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of the turret. Upon receiving approval, OCS facilitated a joint meeting with the client, Class representatives, OEM, and other stakeholders to finalize the revised procedure. Additionally, OCS conducted safety studies and discussions with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to mitigate operational risks associated with the new approach. Once the revised procedure was approved, OCS successfully executed the entire Buoy Drop Test in line with the new plan. This resulted in the timely release of OSVs without compromising regulatory approvals, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements and project completion within the defined timeline.

Results: The out-of-the-box approach proposed by OCS enabled the completion of the Buoy Drop Test within the defined timeline, despite the unavailability of OSVs for the entire duration. By conducting the Free Drop Test first, followed by the mechanical disconnection work, OCS ensured the timely release of OSVs and adherence to regulatory requirements. The successful execution of the project without compromising safety or regulatory compliance demonstrated OCS’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions and operational excellence.

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