Case study:
SHI - India

Execution of Hook-up and Commissioning for Samsung Heavy Industries – India (SHI-I)

SHI-I is the Indian entity of the EPC company Samsung Heavy Industries India. It provides engineering and design support services to SHI Korea, executing projects within India.


Samsung Heavy Industries – India (SHI-I)

Service type

Execution of Hook-up and Commissioning

Year/Period of Service

2022 (6 Months) – Hook-up and Commissioning Phase

Challenge: An incident at the initial phase of the project resulted in the failure of the execution plan. The challenge was to improvise the execution approach after the start of the execution phase, ensuring safety and minimum delay.

Solution Provided by OCS: Despite delays in the award of the pre-services and O&M contract and challenges in mobilizing personnel due to COVID restrictions, OCS took proactive measures to ensure the readiness of the O&M team and address issues related to the FPSO's EPC phase.

Accommodation barge bridge:
• Due to carry-over work from the yard, one accommodation barge bridge connected with the FPSO was required to manage the personnel on board (POB) requirement.
• The plan was based on accommodating 254 personnel, with 120 on the FPSO and the remaining 134 on the accommodation barge.

Unplanned work incident:
• Unplanned work at the outer anchorage of Kakinada port required additional personnel on board, exceeding the FPSO's POB capacity.
• To accommodate the extra personnel and complete the work, the accommodation barge was bridge-connected at the outer anchorage.

• During the docking of the accommodation barge, an incident occurred, damaging the bridge connection and reducing the planned POB to 120.

Revised plan: :
• OCS project execution team devised an alternate approach focusing on commissioning modules in series and minimizing SIMOPs &nbsactivities to reduce manpower required to be present at any given time.
• Additional daily chopper movements were planned with client support to perform extra tasks.


Despite the challenges, OCS successfully completed the project with minimal time delay and without compromising safety. We executed the hook-up and commissioning phase effectively, adapting to unforeseen circumstances and ensuring project success for Samsung Heavy Industries – India.

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