Case study:

Transition Management for ONGC

ONGC is the national oil company of India, with a significant presence in the upstream business on both the east and west coast.



Service type

Transition Management

Year/Period of Service

2019 (1.5 years) – Part of the annuity contract with ONGC for providing technical manpower to operate one of their assets

Challenge: The Panna and Mukta fixed oil and gas producing platforms in Mumbai High were previously operated by Shell. OCS had been associated with these platforms since 1996, primarily providing junior technical personnel. However, when the platforms were transferred to ONGC from Shell, ONGC faced challenges in transition management due to their limited experience in this area. The primary challenge was to ensure a smooth transition from Shell operations to ONGC without compromising operational uptime.

Solution Provided by OCS: Recognizing OCS's extensive experience and longstanding association with the asset, it was agreed that OCS was best positioned to manage the transition smoothly. A detailed list of services was prepared to understand the risk exposure during transition, with a focus on retaining talent in offshore operations. OCS proposed a two-phased approach:

Phase1: Retaining junior positions provided by OCS and recruiting senior technical personnel to shadow Shell employees and eventually take up their roles under ONGC.

Phase2: Familiarization and retention of new personnel to ensure the knowledge and know-how of operations and maintenance were retained throughout the transition. Efforts on recruitment and familiarization began in early 2018. Selected candidates underwent training and familiarization under the guidance of Shell representatives. OCS ensured recruitment, retention, transfer of existing contracts, and seamless transition to ONGC operations without any downtime or production stoppage by December 22, 2019.


1. Seamless transition of facility operations without any operational downtime.
2. The quality and resourcefulness of our people helped prevent prolonged downtime of the Process Gas Compressor and averted shutdown.
3. Detailed planning and scheduling during oil tanker changeover, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

The contributions of the OCS team were acknowledged by both the site leadership and corporate leadership team of ONGC, highlighting the effectiveness of daily support and key achievements in ensuring a successful transition.

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